Clients We Serve


Our independent financial advisory practice serves wealthy discerning individual investors seeking a high level of customized, unbiased and objective advice in today’s challenging financial markets.  We serve clients in many states across the country and  we understand the varied needs of clients in various stages of life.  We advise clients on building, preserving, and transfering wealth in a tax-effective manner to heirs.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our approach confidentially with qualified investors.  We offer a complimentary second opinion and in-depth analysis to prospective clients with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 or greater in net worth.  For existing clients, we reserve the right to waive this amount for family members.

We pride ourselves on serving our existing clients first and foremost; therefore spending little time marketing our services to new clients. Word of mouth is our primary source of new business and by serving our clients well, we benefit from their introductions to new potential clients.  This enables us to focus our time with existing clients and provide them with superior service.  We also offer the depth of services and resources of a leading custodian such as Wells Fargo Advisors, while remaining independent.  Clients enjoy objective and unobstructed advice combined with knowledge that their assets are held in custody separate from our firm with a world class brokerage firm.  Unlike some independent advisors who custody assets with small broker dealers, our clients enjoy knowing assets are secure and held with one of the most recognized financial institutions in the world.   
As true independent advisors, we offer a wide array of sophisticated services.  Client portfolios are truly customized to individual needs and goals rather than  placed in packaged or cookie cutter investment solutions.  We listen to our clients and work diligently with them to identify appropriate opportunities and also take time to explain risks and drawbacks of proposed options.  Today’s technology also enables us to offer our clients greater breadth of online services and transparancy.  Our vast resources allow us to be completely focused on the success of our clients without corporate agendas or pressure from a parent company.  

We provide thoughtful and ongoing proactive advice throughout the lives of our clients.  Many clients have worked with us for well over a decade or more and we enjoy spending time with their heirs as our next generation of clients.  We truly attribute our success to the success of our clients and the strategies we have helped them implement.